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30-60% off 1000's of Appliances
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30-60% off 1000's of new appliances

What you need to know about these unbeatable prices.

How does an appliance become an “Out-of-Box” appliance

These appliances are sold to Appliance Factory Outlet, we buy these appliances at a substantial discounts from the manufacturer with our exclusive contracts. Appliance Factory Outlet purchases these appliances, checks repairs and quality inspects the product. We are able to sell these appliances to our customers for discounts from 30-60%. All of these appliances are brand new and come with manufacturer warranty.

Thousands of appliances to choose from

We warehouse all of our new condition appliances at our warehouse. We warehouse thousands of new condition unboxed appliances at our warehouse, which is displayed at the stores and is ready to deliver to our customers at any of our 10 locations. We also have hundreds and hundreds of individual appliances in our stores for our customers to buy at the store locations.

Special Buys

Manufacturers will frequently end up with an overstock of products due to numerous reasons. Appliance Factory Outlet works with the manufacturers to purchase these appliances at a substantial discount and pass the savings on to our customers. These appliances are brand new, factory warrantied and are still in the carton.

Misconceptions about the appliances that we have

Typically, people think that the discounted appliances are lower end and inexpensive. We do receive those appliances in, however the majority of the appliances that we get in with our special buys and uncrated items tend to be mid-line to upper-line appliances. Manufacturers and customers are much more particular in the purchase of these appliances. If there is any issue with the box or the appliance whatsoever, the shipment is typically refused and will come back to us. However on the lower end, very cheap appliances. These appliances are typically not refused and makes it way through the entire supply chain without being returned. You can get a tremendous amount of luxury, ultra premium and mid line appliances that we can sell for tremendous savings.

Brands we get in “Out-of-Box”

GE, Hotpoint, Profile, Monogram, Cafe, Electrolux, Tappan, Frigidaire, Gallery, Fisher & Paykel and Westinghouse are the majority of the bands we get.

All of the appliances are brand new and come with factory warranty

Appliance Factory Outlet diligently inspects all appliances to verify that they are new and they have full factory warranty. In accordance with our agreement with the manufacturers, they will not knowingly sell any appliance that is not brand new or is not covered by the manufacturers warranty.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Appliance Factory Outlet makes a promise to our customers that we will provide satisfaction guaranteed on all of the appliances we sell. If there is any issue we will stand be hind you 100% in accordance with our promise and the manufacturers guideline, as you can see with our rating with the better business bureau.